Stress Tested 

Co-curated by Emma cc Cook
November 18 — December 18, 2021

Adam Alessi
Alexandre Canonico
Emma cc Cook
Katelyn Eichwald
André Magaña
Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack
Alex Jackson
Marlon Kroll
Kylie Manning
Jorge Satorre
Gerda Scheepers
Lewis Teague Wright

Violinists experience a phenomenon in which sweat from their fingers causes the strings of their instrument to uncoil and fragment. Perspiration is aggressive; cleaning cannot stop the breakdown as moisture enters the aluminium and begins the unwinding. The speed of corrosion is affected by the chemical makeup of the musician’s perspiration, and on how hard they grasp. The corrosion of the metal starts internally, like decay destroying a tooth from the inside out, set in motion the moment the string is first struck.
Public Gallery is pleased to present Stress tested, a group exhibition that centres around the notion of pressure. Bringing together a range of media and approaches, the 12 artists featured in this presentation utilise primitive or restrained movement, firm or gentle force alongside honest, unwavering gestures. Their subject matter and medium are worked to the limit, and the unintended consequences of their undoing form new physicalities and dialogues.